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Corporate gifts are great for employee appreciation, new clients, prospects and customers. 

Corporate Gifting

The Act of Gifting

Receiving a gift is a powerful experience. It creates a sense of connection to the giver and can create positive associations with a person or a brand. Corporate gifting is an opportunity to wow your clients, employees and customers.


The Process

H&S Corporate Gifting is a simple four step process. 
1. We create an initial gift box design concept for you to review.

2. Once you sign off on the final design, we begin building the gifts.

3. We then handle all aspects of assembly and shipping.

4. Your recipient receives the gift and you get all the praise!

Thoughtfully curated gifts leave lasting impressions. Work with our team to create gifts that show your appreciation. Reach out to hello@hudsonandsteeple.com to get started!

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